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We are proud partners with:


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Take a sneak peek at 10 DIGITAL GROWTH ANALYSES used by industry leaders.

Whats inside the box?

Less Raw Data, More Actionable Insights


No more raw data for marketing insights

Get rid of manual copy/pasting, importing CSV files, pivoting, mapping, cleaning, etc. Your marketing data is big, messy and scattered across multiple platforms that makes the journey from raw data to insights back-breaking. Remove all the manual work in the painstaking journey and answer any business question in minutes.


Performance Growth Prescriptions

Get all key recommendation delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. How about having someone who keeps a third eye constantly, apply statistical modelling, prescribes you hacks and actionable insights for your digital growth every month, etc.

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Super-fast and intuitive analyses on Google sheets and BI Dashboards

Access all your marketing data in "ready-to-use" form and automate all your sophisticated analyses and reports on Google sheets within minutes. Years of “blood, sweat and tears” have gone into making it a possibility!


Robust Monitoring focussed on Growth

We ingest your existing digital marketing data and notify you when something impactful happens — no coding involved. Get email triggers if your key metrics cross their guardrails. It's like 100s of digital analysts continously at work for you.

Choose the best offering for your business


Connect your Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Console & CRM to create realtime centralised reports on the fly on our intuitive Google Sheets add-on & BI tools


It's a truely AI-driven personal assistant to answer all your business questions on the move. Think of it like a digital analyst minus the emotional biases, bandwidth issues, long learning curves, high costs, churns, hours of manual analyses, etc.


There are many business problems that can be solved via data. Well, we will help you make best of easyinsights with our ready-to-use data applications like lead grader, user grader, facebook ad audit and google search audit that lead you towards efficiency.

In case you need a hand, you can hire a veteran who can set it up for you

It's a gold mine for data driven digital marketeers.

Here's why:

  • data_fetchFull-Funnel Stitchced data

    • Visibility of spend, traffic, orders, successful deliveries and repeat transactions on CRM [taken into account RTOs, Cancellations, etc.] in one table at campaign, ad or any other custom dimension level empowers marketeers to take truly data-driven decisions for e-commerce advertisting. We make the process fastest!
    • Similarly, for lead generation businesses, it's crucial to look at what cost, qualified leads and acquistions [from CRM] are being brought from different sources and act accordingly.
  • custom-metricsCustom Attribution

    • Still unable to assign credits to your individual channel, campaign and touchpoints for their exact contribution on final conversion? Then, switch to custom attribution modelling.
    • Scale the under-leveraged campaigns that only come to surface when you apply first-click attribution
    • Stop aggresively spending on the nurturing campaigns that look productive from last-click default attribution you see on your ad panel or CRM.
  • data_fetchFetch Data & Analyse On The Fly

    • It is much easier than it sounds. Just select any number of dimensions, metrics and date to create a table.
    • The metrics and dimensions can be from multiple data sources like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, GA and CRM.
    • The core philosophy here is that any final analysis you want to perform boils down to one single table regardless of its complexity.
  • custom-metricsBuild Custom Metrics & Dimensions

    • You can create your own set of metrics and dimension if you want to measure the characteristic of a user which can’t be measured via any predefined dimension and metrics available to you on your ad or analytics panel.
    • Track the performance of every important element that matters to your website’s growth - creative colour, LOC, theme, audience attribute, etc.
  • insight_cardsGet insights in your inbox

    • Get all key reports delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.
    • In case you struggle to be always in the know how of the pulse of your of your digital marketing, this is just the solution you have been waiting for.
    • Get answer to your top digital marketing questions delivered right into your inbox.
  • attributionEmail Alerts

    • This like a automatic alert when something unusual happens in your data or something important has happened in your business.
    • Email alerts inform you that your KPIs are crossing your guard rails so that you take proactive measures to counter the losses or enhance the gains.
  • marketing-intelligenceMarketing Intelligence

    • Know how you are ranking for important keywords vis-a-vis your competitors.
    • Uncover new long tail keywords for google ads, curate top placements for your display network campaigns.
    • Identify new content opportunities in your niche, see what ad creatives your competitors are using, etc.
  • dashboardsBuild deep dashboards seamlessly

    • Easyinsights can ship your cleaned data to any destination.
    • For example, connect with Tableau or Data Studio & build all your dashboards and BI.
    • You can even slice & dice the data you want.
  • data_fetchUse Custom Apps

    • Get customisation that helps in multiplying your monitoring efficiency significantly.
    • Got a unique business problem that can be solved via data, well we will help you make best of easyinsights.
  • data_fetchCustom Data Modelling

    • There are businesses where the time lag between first visit to purchase is large.
    • Because of that, final outcomes of new campaigns get delayed. Identifying corelations that generally exist between "start" and "end" KPIs becomes instrumental that involves statistics and modelling that marketeers fail to eye or else one would waste on marketing efforts wating for data to arrive.
    • Capitalize on your data for greater impact.
90% CMOs later realise that THEY ARE LOOKING AT THE WRONG DATA MOST OF THE TIME. Time is ticking!.

Trusted by startups and the India's largest companies


Realtime mapping of leads with campaign source to CRM conversion


Enchancing Acquisition Campaigns growth on larger AOV by optimizing quality users.


A robust Custom Attribution Model to track campaign level performance with respect to actual ROI.


Optimisation on Cost per Quality install and not mere cost per installs.


Realtime mapping of leads with campaign source to CRM conversion.


Using custom labels, they can track performance of important elements that matter- category, creative theme, audience attribute, etc.

Easyinsights solutions


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Marketing Analytics for Healthcare & Wellness Companies

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Effortless Marketing Analytics for Brands

All your marketing data in one place, automated and in real-time.

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Enterprise Marketing Analytics

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Ecommerce & Retail

Effortless Ecommerce Marketing Analytics

Gain clarity into the customer journey for both online and brick-and-mortar.

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Effortless Agency Reporting

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