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Optimisation on Cost per Quality install and not mere cost per installs.



Reduction in cost per Install


Increase in return on Ad spends


bump in app installs


  • Urbanclap is the fastest-growing startup in India and a marketplace for local services, popular for delivering reliable services at the push of a button.
  • They help customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs across India.
  • They are a one stop destination for all types of services - from plumbers to photographers.


  • UrbanClap’s marketing approach was progressively becoming more mobile- centric.
  • Main pain point came out as scaling up the quality app installs.
  • Following it, reduction in cost per install at higher scale came out as another challenge.


Cost per Quality install optimisation:

  • Facebook or GA gives you a vague picture where you only get to know the number of leads.
  • With the help of our in-house proprietary tool Easyinsights, we were able to stich data with CRM, which gave us a clear picture of the leads and their journeys broken down at audience level.
  • Easyinsights platform provides us with insightful reports that comes with requisite visualizations and monitoring alerts system.
  • Hence, we were able to optimise on quality of installs.



Now they can easily connect data from facebook and GA with CRM panel which gives a clear picture of a user journey across differnt campaigns which in turn helped to uplift the volume and quality of app installs.


Urbanclap got 22% reduction in cost per install, 80% increase in return on ad spends(ROAS) and 5X bump in app installs.


Easyinsights is a tool of great utility to drive a hefty amount of quality app installs.

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"ET Medialabs proved to be a great support in our company’s Growth.Using their tools we saw significant increase in return on ad spend.With Easyinsights we were able to optimize for quality installs faster, which helped us greatly and their tools played a monumental role in simplifying the monitoring process."

-Manu Gupt
  VP, Marketing | UrbanClap =======

"ET Medialabs have been a great growth partner. Using their tools and technologies we were able to measure a significant drop in cost per quality lead."

-Prafful Sahu
Partner Head of Technology | UrbanClap >>>>>>> 5d383fb1b30e1409c2982a2a807c94c1f2631c8f